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Dust Removal System


System Description

The ECOstream surface cleaner has been specially developed for dust removal on tissue, textile and non-woven applications. It adopts a revolutionary approach to improve quality, reduce down time and boost profitability. It combines the latest aerodynamic nozzle technology with a defined high speed vacuum airflow and substrate ionization prior to cleaning within one turnkey system. It is positioned over the free web preferably as close as possible prior to the problem zone.


In many cases electrostatic charge present on the substrate surface is a major factor in increasing contamination and makes particle removal more difficult. This is why our static control system is always installed prior to the cleaning process to guarantee a neutralised substrate surface and therefore facilitate easier removal of all particles.

For more information follow the this link: Know-how - Dust Removal 


The special aerodynamic nozzle of the ECOstream, which is in slight contact to the surface of the substrate, generates through the combination of vacuum in the cleaning module, web speed and contact friction a high velocity air flow. This airflow removes the particles from the surface and transports them trough the cleaning module in a filter unit. Even highest dust amounts and slightly attached particles and fibers will be successfully removed.

Web cleaner, surface dust removal, tissue, textile, non-woven, substrate surface, web cleaning
Web cleaner, surface dust removal, tissue, textile, non-woven, substrate surface, web cleaning


System advantages


  • Removes > 92% of loose particles > 30 μm
  • Can be retrofitted to all machine types
  • Wear free, minimised maintenance
  • Low investment cost
  • Easy installation


  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced waste and down time


  • No consumables, no washing liquids
  • 30% lower energy consumption compared to other systems in its class