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System Description

The NANOtack sticky roll cleaner is a polymer based rubber which will with its defined tackiness clean the substrate surface in direct contact down to > 0.5 µm particle size. This guarantees absolute cleanness of the surface. The installation of the roll is on the free web and as close as possible prior to the problem zone. The rubber covers come in different colour and tackiness, some antistatic, some with FDA approval for the food/pharmaceutical packaging applications.


In many cases electrostatic charge present on the substrate surface is a major factor in increasing contamination and makes particle removal more difficult. This is why our static control system is always installed prior to the cleaning process to guarantee a neutralised substrate surface and therefore facilitate easier removal of all particles.

For more information follow the this link: Know-how - Dust Removal


The over many years special developed polymer rubber compound is been brought in direct contact with the substrate. This mechanical contact and the tackiness of the roller ensure that 100% of the  particles are removed from the surface. The polymer roller can be easily cleaned in regular timeframes in order to keep their tackiness over the full lifetime. The polymer has a FDA approval and can be used besuides clean room applications also in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industry.

"Sticky roll cleaner, dust removal  system, rubber, substrate surface"
"Sticky roll cleaner, dust removal  system, rubber, substrate surface"


System advantages


  • Highest possible cleaning efficiency
  • 100% particle removal > 0.5 μm
  • Polymer covering for all roll dimension
  • Different tacks possible, anti static
  • For direct or indirect cleaning
  • Low investment cost


  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced waste and down time


  • FDA approval
  • No consumables