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Electrostatic Neutralisation

iONstream 5.0 / F / Ex

System Description

The iONstream 5.0 is a heavy duty, industrial quality, high performance static neutralising system. It provides efficient static charge neutralisation at a very cost effective price. This static control system utilises the latest shock proof technology with resistors located in front of each high voltage emitter point. A 10mm pin pitch combined with active discharging  power and  long neutralizing distance makes iONstream 5.0 a class leading system. Our unique "Long Life" emitter pin technology continuously sharpens the pins during the ion emitting process. This pin "self healing" process massively increases the life time of the emitter points and guarantees constant high performance during its full life cycle.

The 5.0-F version has a status and function feedback integrated via potential free contacts. The 5.0-Ex has an  ATEX certification for the usage of the neutralising bars in hazardous areas.


By applying alternate positive and negative high voltage current to the emitter pins, ions of both polarities are generated.  iONstream 5.0's  narrow pin pitch and special pin material generates substantially more ions over the same time frame and provides a much more homogenous electrostatic field when compared to conventional alternating current method neutralising systems. The highly efficient pin shape and its sharpness is maintained during the full life time of the neutralising bar. The special alloy ensures a process of wearing which "self heals" the pin tip. The pin tips stay sharp to guarantee constant ion emitting power. Our revolutionary design of the static neutralising bar is constructed with a special aluminum extrusion incorporating non metallic side shields which  work in harmony with the electrostatic field of the emitter pins. The result of this revolutionary design is an effective neutralising range of up to 300mm.

iONstream 5.0

System advantages


  • 5.0-F with function feedback and contamination monitoring
  • 10 mm emitter pitch for maximum neutralising efficiency
  • Self healing "Longlife" emitter pin
  • E-Feld optimised neutralising bar profile for ionising ranges up to 300 mm
  • Resistant against solvents
  • Robust aluminium profile body


  • Reduced static related product waste and machine down time


  • Shock proof accoring EN 60335
  • Ex Version; ATEX certified